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 Written by Li Sparks

Summertime Therapy For Wintertime Illnesses

Traditional treatment of winter illnesses during summer months utilizes a combination of Chinese acupuncture and herb therapy. This ancient therapy has been used in China for centuries. Even today millions of Chinese receive this therapy each year in an effort to prevent or lessen the severity of wintertime illnesses.

In the views of Traditional Chinese Medicine the seasons and changes in the weather can affect the body’s function and natural balance. When one’s body is out of balance, for example, when warm energy (Chinese Medicine calls it Yanng Qi) is deficient, conditions like bronchitis, sinus conditions, and rheumatic arthritis are aggravated and become more severe in wintertime.

The treatment takes advantage of the summer season to maximize the body’s capacity to utilize natural heat and warm energy to increase the body’s own warm energy, and to open blockages that prevent the flow of warm energy in order to restore the body to balance and enhance the body’s ability to resist illness and disease.

Three to five acupuncture sessions combined with external Chinese herb therapy are usually scheduled mid July to August for patients seeking this treatment. Each session is approximately 10 days apart. Depending on the individual, some people will begin see results after the first course of treatments. Most people will see marked improvement in the severity of wintertime illnesses after three consecutive years of treatments.

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